Arabic Genius Reader 1

Arabic Genius Reader 1


The Genius Reader 1 Programme is a specialized educational intervention designed to enhance Arabic reading skills at the word level, catering to students with dyslexia, struggling readers, and those seeking a strong foundation in Arabic literacy. Spanning from KG-1 to the end of second grade and adaptable for grades 3 and 4, this comprehensive programme provides a unique opportunity for students to excel in their reading abilities.

Program Overview: Based on the renowned Orton-Gillingham teaching principles tailoured for students with dyslexia, The Genius Reader 1 Programme offers a structured approach to reading education. Delve into the intricacies of dyslexia, Arabic language characteristics, and the Orton-Gillingham method through our meticulously crafted resources.

Key Components:

  1. User Manual & Trainer Guide: Explore a comprehensive guide covering dyslexia fundamentals, Arabic language intricacies, and detailed instructions on implementing the Genius Reader 1 Programme. With 42 levels, this manual caters to varied learning needs.
  2. Trainee Workbook: Engage with a tailored workbook designed to complement each training session, maximizing learning outcomes.
  3. Card Sets: Dive into four sets of cards – Sound Cards, Letter and Diacritics Cards, Syllable Cards, and Common-words Cards – enhancing interactive learning experiences.
  4. Recorded Videos: Access 42 entertaining videos explaining letters and movements through engaging stories, facilitating a dynamic learning environment.
  5. The Genius Reader 1 Stories: Immerse in 30 levelled reading stories suitable for the programme, ranging from basic to advanced difficulty levels. Supplement your learning with an additional 40 Reading Tree Levels stories available for separate purchase.